Monday, March 10, 2008

I Watched It

Last night Middle Sister and I watched The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom. I wanted to give it a fair chance by watching it.

I stand by what I said before I saw the show, for the most part. I discovered that the soccer moms do have one day when others "fill in for them" at home, after they take the children to school or child care. After that, Mom tells the family that she is at a spa, and Dad has to watch the kids. I also learned that not all these moms have children who are school-age. On the episode I watched last night, the youngest child was not quite walking yet.

Not only is the whole family lied to by Mom, they are secretly taped by the cameras in the "spy truck." Mom knows about that but no one else does. At one point Mom is shown footage of some tough moments in the house and how Dad's dealing with those. I guess that's the part where they try to see if she feels guilty about pursuing her career dream.

One lovely moment (NOT) came when the tween-age daughter said that "men can't do anything right." I sure hope that Middle Sister doesn't believe that. But if she watches this show, or even Jon & Kate Plus Eight, she won't get a different impression.

I still believe that this kind of secret has no place in a family. I think "deserve" is a word that's way overused in our society, but it fits here. Families deserve better than this.

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