Friday, March 14, 2008

I Can't Smell the Onions...

...but they still made me cry.

For the past few days my allergies have been in high gear. I don't know if it's what's growing on the trees, or the 4 dogs at the house where I tutor (one Basset, one beagle, one yellow Lab and one Golden) but I have been sneezing and sniffing like crazy.

I did learn that it's very important for me to take my allergy/asthma medicine every day. I normally don't forget, but when I discovered last night that I had neglected to take my meds on Wednesday evening, it explained the true misery I suffered all day yesterday. Today I'm feeling somewhat better, though I still have no sense of smell or taste. If I ever needed convincing that it's important for me to take this medicine, now I know for sure.

So I was wondering, as I chopped the onions for tomorrow's sausage and pepper sandwiches (we're having family over to celebrate Little Brother's birthday), "If you can't smell the onions as you chop them, will they still make you cry?"

Big Brother predicted that yes, they will still make you cry. He was right.

I couldn't find the swim goggles, so I had to just go for it and chop the things. I never smelled them. But I cried.

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