Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Need a Do-Over

This morning just isn't getting off to a good start, and I haven't even been up for 2 hours yet.

First I realized that I hadn't taken all the groceries out of the van yesterday after I did the shopping. What got left behind? The bag with the meat in it. And not just any meat--it was the very expensive roast that I'd planned for Father's Day dinner.

Little Brother has been forcing himself to stay awake as late as possible because he's on summer vacation and that's what you DO during summer vacation. Unfortunately, he is one of those people who, if he stays up 1 hour later, will wake up 1 hour earlier than usual the next day. At 7 AM he was asking if Backyard Neighbor Girl was home from school yet.

Middle Sister came downstairs sporting a non-uniform shirt because "a boy in my class got away with wearing silver basketball shorts yesterday." She was sent back to change. Then she hurried through her breakfast so she could help Big Brother make water balloons (for today's class picnic).

Little Brother came inside juggling a water balloon: "Look what Middle Sister gave me!" We all screamed for him to take it back outside.

Big Brother observed, "He does not understand the destructive potential of water balloons."

Little Brother has decided to serenade all of us with his toy guitar. I have decreed that he may not play it in the same room with me.

If I had a nickel for every time I've told the kids just this morning to keep the front door closed, I could buy myself an iced coffee. With caffeine.

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