Tuesday, June 17, 2008


(Should be interesting to see the results of google searches on that title term!)

I have my own personal Klingon. His name is Little Brother. He is 6 years old and still a cuddly guy.

Unfortunately I am not extremely gracious when the Klingon tries to crawl in my lap. I don't mind in the late evening when I am settled on the couch with a book, and he gets in my lap. But during the day, if I'm at my desk, he tries to climb up here.

I need to remember that the Klingon is still a little kid, and he still needs some cuddles from Mom. I need to remember not to be irritated when he wants to get in my lap and get a hug. The days will soon be gone when he runs out after TheDad in the morning yelling, "Extra hug and kiss, Dad!" He'll be too cool to hold my hand when he crosses the street, or give me a smooch before getting on the school bus.

I need to remember to enjoy my Klingon. Gather ye rosebuds and all that. Because all Klingons have expiration dates, after which they turn into surly tweens who are too cool for Mom and Dad unless they need something.

Now excuse me while I go get an extra hug and kiss from my Klingon.

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