Thursday, June 05, 2008

School's Out for Me, Too

By all appearances, my work this year as a homebound instructor is over.

The letter I had to mail today details the reasons for this. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.

Dear Mom of Students A & B:

In the past few weeks I have become concerned that I am unable to contact you regarding scheduling home instruction for Students A & B.

On May 22 I arrived at your home as scheduled at 10 AM. I was on the porch for 10 minutes, ringing the doorbell. I then used my cell phone to call your home and left a message. Later that day and again on Tuesday, May 27, I left messages. Those calls were never returned.

This week I was contacted by your daughters' case manager from the Child Study Team to discuss Students A & B’s progress. When I mentioned that I was scheduled to meet with Students A & B this morning, she informed me that she had a meeting scheduled with you at the same time to explore a possible school for Student A for next school year. I offered to reschedule the tutoring time and called your home to do that.

When I did not receive a return call by Wednesday evening, I left a second message that I would not be arriving for today’s lesson unless I received a call from you. At this point in the school year I must make child-care arrangements for my youngest child, who has finished school. Therefore, it is important that I have definite arrangements made in advance.

I will await a phone call or email from you regarding our schedule for the coming week. Otherwise, Students A & B will receive a grade of Incomplete for the 4th quarter and the final exam, and will not receive credit for the course until that is resolved.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience.
(Sincerely, SFO Mom)

The pay is nice, but they don't pay me to make phone calls that are not returned, prepare a lesson when no one is there to study, and do the rest of this running around. I'm glad it's over. It has become apparent to the tutors and the Child Study Team that these students are not very serious about their education. They like waking up at 9:55 for a 10 AM class, and sitting there "studying" in their pajamas while they eat Fruity Pebbles and pet their dogs.

At this point, my time is better spent reading with Little Brother, helping him arrange Army Guys on the old Axis & Allies game board, doing laundry and cleaning the Disaster Area Formerly Known As The Toy Basement. I do all of that and don't get paid a penny, but the rewards are priceless.

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