Tuesday, June 24, 2008


You may be relieved to know that there is a limit to my, um, eccentricity.

Middle Sister wore some very-light-colored shorts on her Sunday afternoon foray to the creek with Boy Next Door (they've been friends since they were 3, nothing to see here, folks....) Naturally she came back covered with mud and her shorts were no exception. After a liberal dose of "Pray 'N' Wash" I tossed the shorts into the machine and then hung them up to dry. No sense setting the stain in the dryer.

This morning I inspected the clothes to see if I had to send them on a second run through the washing machine. I saw a few faint marks, and was all set to grab more pretreater.

Then I saw the dots of dark red nail polish from her pre-creek manicure. All the "Pray 'N' Wash" in the world won't fix that. I put them into her basket of clean laundry "as is."

However, I am eccentric enough that I had to tell this story.

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