Monday, June 23, 2008

My Haircut Rant

It's time for me to get a haircut.

But I'm just not sure what kind of haircut I want. I know I can't leave it "as is" because it's getting in my way.

I asked TheDad if I should get it cut shorter, or just get it shaped with the idea of growing it a little longer, so that I could clip it back if I want it off my face. He considers that question to be right up there with "Do these pants make my butt look big?"

Middle Sister and I bought one of those "hairstyle" magazines last night on our family pilgrimage to Barnes & Noble. She picked a lot of very edgy-looking hairstyles, and several ones that Big Brother would describe as "emo" which he defined for me this way: "Emo hair means that you cover half your face with it."

I don't even like it when my bangs touch my glasses. Obviously emo hair is not for me. Plus, I'm not ready to accessorize with the obligatory wrist scars that go with emo hair, according to Big Brother.

I spent a couple of years in Hair Hell trying to grow out a very short, layered cut. Last summer it was long enough for clips and ponytails, and then I started getting it cut shorter. Long hair was convenient and at the same time, a lot of trouble!

Not that I don't enjoy talking haircuts with Middle Sister, but I think I need to spend some time with someone a little older than 12 to get this figured out!

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