Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Not Ready to Take One for the Team

I'm all for following up and fulfilling a commitment. I don't like to encourage my kids to miss a team event just because "something suddenly came up."

But when the something coming up is the mercury in the outdoor thermometer, and the heat index is 106, I have no compunctions about calling Middle Sister's summer-basketball coach and telling him that she won't be playing outdoor basketball today. We do have an indoor alternative for inclement weather, but that building has no air conditioning, and as Big Brother's Freakishly Tall Friend commented, "That would be like playing basketball inside a volcano."

It's not healthy--and it's not worth it. But I'm tired of always seeing the mentality that sports are more important than everything else. During the winter, we have to reschedule our "go-to-Mass-as-a-family" policy because CYO basketball games are scheduled early enough on Sunday mornings that we would still be in church. (The irony of this does not escape me, but no one ever seems to protest, and our comments to the coach went unheard last season.) Sports are not more important than common sense, especially when it relates to safety and health. So there will be no basketball game for Middle Sister today. If the rest of her team wants to risk heat exhaustion, shame on their parents.

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