Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Kindergarten is Over

Today is Little Brother's last day of kindergarten. We will attend the end-of-year program to see what the class has learned and then enjoy a picnic. Little Brother is happy that I'm bringing hoagies from Wawa for lunch.

It has been a year of adjustments, like when the food police came to school over the fruit roll-ups and the chocolate pretzels. And lately I think Little Brother has been more than ready to be done with the whole "going to school" thing for a while. He's been protesting taking the bus, even when he's ready a full 30 minutes ahead of bus-stop time. I know, for sure, that he will miss all his friends. Good thing they all wrote down their phone numbers in his yearbook. Some are backwards, and some didn't write their name next to their phone number, but they're in there!

But it's been a good year. His teacher is excellent. He is reading like crazy and excited about it.

In 90 days, Little Brother will be a first-grader with a whole new set of adventures to anticipate.

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