Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Peace and Quiet, Mostly

Things calmed down after a while this morning, and Little Brother asked if Cutie Pie could come over to play (she's a preschooler, and she was home). So the two of them are prowling around the house whispering, wearing miscellaneous hats, playing his guitar, riding Little Brother's rocking horse, telling each other that they'd better hurry or they'll miss the bus, and did I mention whispering?

I'm cleaning up in the kitchen. While it hasn't been unsafe for humanity in there, it wasn't pretty either. I started with the table, and even put my pretty tablecloth on it with my pastry board on top so I can still bake when the weather cools off a little.

And I'm listening to the Eagles on my mp3 player and reveling in the quiet, now that Little Brother has someone besides me to amuse him. I'll bet Cutie Pie's mom is enjoying the quiet in her house too.

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