Sunday, February 12, 2006

More on Quirks

The Rambling GOP Soccer Mom has tagged me for the Quirky Meme.

I have done so many of these that it must be fairly obvious to all that I am WAY beyond quirky and working my way to Complete Nutcase. But I'll let you judge for yourself.

I need to brush my teeth before leaving the house.
I like to have the books in my bookcase organized. I have a religion shelf, a household shelf, a whole section for cookbooks, and the fiction section is sorted by size, for maximum packing-into-the-shelf purposes. If I had unlimited shelf space, I could sort them library-style. Well, a girl can dream....
I need to be ready for an emergency, so I always have a backpack of clothes for me and the kids in the back of my van. Those have come in handy more times than I can count!

There is only one right way to load the dishwasher. (According to Big Daddy, this is a Bad Quirk, and I'd never be a good computer programmer because of this. I, however, have no problem with it.)
When I meet people and like them, I believe they can do no wrong. Then I am let down--hard.
My sense of humor runs toward the sarcastic. It's not always a good thing.
I am very territorial about my desk. And I know it's messy.
I find it very hard to get rid of a book, even one I don't like. I'll lend them out, though!

If I am eating at home, I must have milk at dinner--a big glass, and it must be whole milk. But if I'm eating out, I have soda. I never order milk when eating out. (It's never cold enough).
Any candy like M or jelly beans that come in different colors, must be eaten as same-color twins.
I like to eat French fries with good brown gravy.
The best way to make a tuna sandwich is with Miracle Whip, and Wonder Bread with plenty of soft butter.
I like Reuben sandwiches without the meat. Just sauerkraut, Swiss, and a good mustard (I recommend Koszkiusko Beer Mustard) on rye or pumpernickel, toasted until the cheese melts.
I buy many cookbooks but unless I'm baking, I never follow a recipe exactly. When I cook, I always improvise. Cookbooks are entertaining reading and good inspiration for me.

MY SLEEP QUIRKS (these are easiest!)
I cannot get into an unmade bed and go to sleep. If the bed was not made all day, I'll make it right before getting in.
I like to have a lot of blankets when I sleep. The weight of the blankets is comforting.
I have to cover my ears completely. I think this dates back to when Middle Sister was a colicky newborn. Big Daddy would take over after I put Big Brother to bed, so I could get a few hours' sleep. I'd cover up so I couldn't hear her scream, and he'd put on headphones, listen to Amy Grant on his walkman, and walk the hall with her for hours each night.

If you're reading this, and you're quirky, feel free! Let me know in the combox.


Christine the Soccer Mom said...

Oh, those are great! I forgot one of my quirkiest food quirks on mine. Your twin color one reminded me. I like to do that (except with SweetTarts, which I eat in complimentary flavors), but I also eat small snack foods in pairs so that I have one on each side of my mouth. Even numbers, and I will go back to the bag for extra if I've wound up with an odd number. Or, if it's a cracker, I'll break it in half (even a Cheeze It) so I have a bit on each side of my mouth. :) My husband thinks that is completely bizarre.

Jennifer said...

My biggest quirk is every night my dh has to cover me up. I also have lots of blankets and tuck them under my chin. It has to be the soft fuzzy pink one that is under my chin. And he has to kiss me good night and tuck me in.

The girls at work think it's so cute ;)