Thursday, June 07, 2007

And 8 MORE Things

I've been double-tagged by Laura and Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle (what a nice Polish name she has, don't you think?)

So can you stand 8 MORE things? No? Too bad. You're going to get them anyway.

1. The last playlist I assembled for my MP3 player includes some of my favorite 1980s songs: "Stray Cat Strut," "Love is a Battlefield" and "Walk Like an Egyptian."

2. As a rule, I don't care for remakes. I generally like the original song much better.

3. I also don't like to see any movie when I've already read the book.

4. Given a choice between reading the book and seeing the movie, if I've done neither one, the book ALWAYS wins.

5. I got my latest Netflix pick in the mail today: Legally Blonde. I've rented this one so much I've probably paid for it 5 times over. My plans tonight involve a couch, a pint of Dove Irresistably Raspberry ice cream, and my movie. Because you HAVE to eat something pink while you watch this one!

6. I wear a kids' watch. I bought it for myself because I keep breaking out from the metal on the back of a regular watch. With this one, it not only fits comfortably on my small wrist, but the elastic watchband runs under the back of the watch. Mine has a different band style (a blue and teal design, no flowers) but it's basically the same as this one.

7. The only shoes I have with more than a 1-inch heel are my cowboy boots. They are all black and my favorite shoes EVER. I bought them in the spring of 1995, in a mall shoestore in Atlantic City for less than $10, while waiting between rounds of the Jeopardy tryouts. Yesterday I had to glue the soles back on. TheDad wants to know why I don't just buy new boots--but I'm pretty attached to these!

8. I am a mosquito magnet. If I'm outside after dinner, and I don't wear shoes, socks, and long pants, I will be immediately set upon by a whole swarm of the nasty things. Mostly they get my legs and feet. Bug sprays don't help, and they bother my asthma, so mainly I just spend the summers itching.

I think that by now everyone who has a blog has played this game at least once, so I'll refrain from tagging anyone.

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