Monday, June 18, 2007

BOOK REVIEW: Guerrilla Apologetics

If you're Catholic, you should read this book!

Guerrilla Apologetics for Catholics: A Practical Guide for Evangelizing in the Real World was written by Paul E. Nowak and published in 2005. I'm a cradle Catholic but I never thought of myself as being called to defend my faith. That's for other people, I believed--people who are more eloquent, more scholarly, more persuasive than I. I'm just not good in a debate situation.

But the author suggests in the Introduction that you can also challenge those who are challenging your faith--and that's the point of this approach. He stresses that you should be charitable in doing so and that you should be aware of your behavior as it should properly reflect a follower of Christ. A little later in the book, he observes:
The manner in which you conduct yourself and treat others is far more powerful than any argument, however witty and true it is.

The Recommended Resources at the back of the book would be well worth reading and adding to your home library. After all, if you're a parent, your children will very likely ask questions about why their friends of other faiths believe differently than you do. This book has already helped me answer a question or two that Middle Sister has had about some of her Protestant friends' faith.

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