Saturday, June 16, 2007

Father's Day Cards

Boy, it's hard to find a nice Father's Day card that's not overly mushy (not my style OR my dad's) and not full of fart jokes. Amy Caroline has a good post on the subject here. Check it out, and follow the links she has--definitely worth it.

Dads deserve better than most of the cards that are out there, that imply that all dads are smelly, incompetent, lazy, drunk, and stupid--but that we love them anyway.

But I finally found one that was kind of funny, but still honored my dad for all he has done. It has a cartoon guy in a tie on the front, in various strange positions. Inside:
"For all the times you've stood on your head, bent over backwards and gone the extra mile for me, thank you, Dad! Happy Father's Day!" I like it. Hope my dad does, too.

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