Monday, April 24, 2006

Anyone who says motherhood doesn't steal your brain cells...

...has not spent much time in the company of a preschooler. Their logic can boggle the mind. Older children are often no better, but they do have moments when they can think clearly.

This morning I headed off to Target. My mission: to take advantage of the 90% Off Easter Candy sale that was going on. 16 cents for a bag of Whoppers! How could I miss! $3 later I had a big bag of candy--enough chocolate and sugar to keep me and the kids hyper for quite some time.

While I was there I wanted to pick up some sandals for Little Brother. I gave him the new shoes after he got home from school, and he was thrilled to try them on. Naturally he wanted to go outside and run around in them.

I was making lunch so I told him he could go but he needed to stay In Our Yard. He ran out the door happily and was back way before I expected him.

Me: "Why did you come in? Do your new shoes hurt?"
LB: "They don't hurt. I like them. They're good."
Me: "If they don't hurt, why are you taking them off?"
LB: "Because there are too many bees outside!"

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