Monday, April 10, 2006

Generosity, Kid-Style

Little Brother's favorite color is green. I suspect this is because Big Brother's favorite color is green (need I say more?) When we play CandyLand or "Shrek Do-nopoly" he always wants to be the Green Guy.

Just now Little Brother asked if we could play a game. He dangled the carrot of "You can be the Green Guy!"

Of course, I agreed--but I tried to talk him out of sharing, because he just can't remember that he's not the Green Guy, and he'll move the wrong piece, and everything will get all messed up. Once he made up his mind to share, though, he had to stick with it. He was going to be the Red Guy and that was that.

He forgot he wasn't the Green Guy on the very first turn, and a few turns later when a lucky roll of the die would put the Green Guy on the space where you get lots of money that anyone who landed on "Pay $2 for a Happily-After Potion" had to put in. He didn't get to keep the money, and I had to remind him at every turn that he was the Red Guy, but he did still manage to get the equivalents of "Boardwalk and Park Place" as well as another whole side of the board--and cleaned me out of money.

Nice of him to share, though.

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