Monday, April 17, 2006

Out of Character

I can't figure out what has gotten into me. I'm sure my husband is equally confused.

Last night after dinner I agreed to--and helped plan--a very spontaneous "double sleepover" for Middle Sister and her two cousins. Two nights at my house, one at theirs--and a 50-mile round trip for me, tomorrow, to make it all happen.

Today I spent a good chunk of the morning deep-cleaning the master bedroom, from ceiling fan to curtains to dresser tops to dusting the bookshelf. All I have left to do is vacuum the floor and make the bed, once the linens are finished drying on the line. That, and take an antihistamine to cure me of the sneeze attacks from all the dust I've kicked up.

If this is what happens when I am able to consume chocolate again after seven weeks, I may not give it up next time. All this spontaneity and cleaning may be hazardous to my health!

Pardon me while I go medicate with some Whoppers and M&Ms.

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