Thursday, April 06, 2006

Holy Week Meme

I haven't done a Meme in soooo long--it's like I gave it up for Lent or something! Julie D. tagged me with this one:

Lent is almost over and this Sunday is Palm Sunday already! I thought it would be fun to share what we do special to commemorate the Passion and Resurrection of Our Lord.

1. What do you do with your new blessed palm from Palm Sunday?

I divide it up and stick some behind the crosses in everyone's bedroom.

2. What do you do with your old one from last year?
It's still sitting behind the crosses (we forgot to bring it back to church before Ash Wednesday to be burned! Guess we'll leave it all there and take care of it next year.)

3. What do you do during Holy Week in preparation for Good Friday?
We plan to attend Holy Thursday Mass and Good Friday service as a family. And we're kicking around the idea of attending Easter Vigil this year also. Now here's the Big Question (we're not Saturday Night Mass People): if you attend the Vigil, don't you feel a little uncomfortable the next morning when you're not at church? Though I wouldn't miss the Vast Crowds by any means....

4. How do you commemorate Christ's Passion on Good Friday?
Go to the Good Friday Mass and afterwards attend the parish's Soup and Bread Dinner. (Soup is provided; each family brings bread to share)

5. When do you color Easter eggs?

That's Big Daddy's department. I just buy the dye kits. He makes 3 dozen eggs so each child gets to dye a full dozen. My part in this is to eat Vast Quantities of Egg Salad and Deviled Eggs for the next week or so. Is it sacreligious to eat Deviled Eggs on Easter?

6. When do you buy Easter candy?
I buy a bit here and there during the weeks leading up to Easter. Usually. This year I gave up candy for Lent so I have been avoiding the purchase of any candy so far! Time to get on it.

7. What is the first thing you plan to do Easter morning?
Most likely, groan when I see what time Middle Sister is excitedly dancing into our room to inform us that it's Easter now!

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