Saturday, April 15, 2006

Morning Mystery

Little Brother is an early bird, and when I came downstairs with him this morning I noticed some very odd things about the kitchen.
An empty box of brownie mix was on the table.
The container of chocolate syrup was also on the table.
The lid to the vegetable oil was on the table but the open bottle of oil was on the counter.
The measuring cup and mixing bowl were in the sink, as was a good deal of chocolate mess.
The tinfoil was on the counter.
The very clean, VERY EMPTY baking pan was on the table.
I don't see any brownies. I don't smell any brownies. There are no brownies in the oven, or the fridge, or anywhere.
So either my kids ate a whole pan of brownies last night, or they didn't bother baking them and they ate a whole bowl of batter.

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