Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Chore Wars

Some people in my house seem to think that the White Board is their personal graffiti space.

I use the board to list important phone numbers, messages, the daily chore and "what's for dinner."

Today I came into the kitchen and found that Big Brother had erased his assignment and written "Big Brother is 2 cool 4 chores."

He was immediately informed that if he erases his chore again before it is completed, to write a joke in its place, he will be assigned Double Chores. Big Brother learned early in life that with me, it's not a Threat--it's a Promise. He suggested a compromise:

"How about if I erase the chore after I finish it and write something else? Then you'll know my chore is done."

Works for me.

And in related matters, Middle Sister has smarted back at me twice today when I asked her to do something. "I didn't use it/put it there."

Don't get me started...."Do I wash your clothes even though I didn't wear them? Do I pack your lunch even though I won't be eating it? Part of being a family is that sometimes we do things For Each Other."

I made a Promise to her, too. If she does this again, she will be required to do some chore that absolutely will not benefit her in any way.

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