Thursday, April 06, 2006

Our Easter Egg Tradition

My kids love to dye eggs. Big Daddy loves to dye eggs. I think it's the only craft project he enjoys doing! But this is good, because I am not too big on dying eggs. Now if I knew how to make pysanki, it would be a different story...

Big Daddy organizes the egg-dying with a gajillion coffee mugs filled with egg dye, and 3 dozen boiled eggs (a dozen per kid).

The Easter Bunny does not hide the colored eggs. We're afraid that some of them might not get found, and if they were outside the fridge for hours, that's a lot of food to waste. Instead, the Easter Bunny hides Plastic Eggs filled with treats, which may be stickers, funky band-aids, hair clips, fruit snacks or candy.

Since our children are spaced far apart in age, we have a system. Big Brother gets "speckled" eggs. Middle Sister gets "solid color" eggs, and Little Brother gets eggs with bunnies on them (I was lucky enough to find those in a dollar store. Otherwise I'd have to start assigning colors). This system allows us to customize the treat contents of the eggs, so Big Brother doesn't wind up with any hair clips--and it allows us to customize the HIDING of the eggs. Big Brother is a good hunter and he's getting taller. His eggs must be hidden in very challenging ways. Last year it took him an hour to find his dozen!

Here's a sample of what Big Brother must go through to get all his eggs:
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And when that doesn't work, he gets help:
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The Easter Bunny leaves a note reminding everyone what kind of eggs (and how many) they are looking for. Usually each child gets a small gift as well.

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