Monday, June 19, 2006

A 4-Year-Old's Compassion

Little Brother is turning out to be just as sweet as Middle Sister when someone is sick. When she was 3 or 4, and someone wasn't feeling good, she'd practically bury them beneath all her special stuffed animals and blankets. As she got older she appointed herself Chief Temperature Taker and Drink Fetcher. Everyone always says that she'd make a good nurse when she grows up.

Yesterday and today Little Brother has been very solicitous about my health. He'll come over and announce,
"I'm gonna give you a hug and a kiss!" After that, he'd ask, "Did that feel you better?"

This morning he rediscovered his Very First Stuffed Animal: a dragon that has a music box in it, that plays "London Bridge." I told him how he used to like listening to that music when he was a very little baby. Then he pulled the string to start the music, put the dragon in my lap, hugged me and told me that it would "feel me better." And, of course, it did.

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