Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sleep! Who Needs It?

Me, that's who! But I'm not getting any sleep tonight.

I fell asleep just fine, thank you, after cleaning up from Big Brother's Big Honkin' Graduation Party and Moon Bounce Jamboree. A good time was had by all. A good meal was had by all, too. At least I hope so! I cooked so much food; if you left here hungry it was not my fault.

The Boy Scouts are camping at a local lake this weekend, and they called Big Brother to ask if he'd come to camp after the party, so he could play Laser Tag with them. He'll never say no to that. They're probably all still up playing Laser Tag.

Little Brother was a Super Cranky, Whiny Boy all day yesterday. He didn't even feel like singing his new favorite song for my mom, and he loves to sing for her. In case you wanted to know, the title is "Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, Have You Any More?" Around midnight we found out why he was so cranky--he's got a fever. Poor guy.

And Middle Sister was disappointed that after the party was over I did not feel like watching a movie until all hours of the night. I may as well have, for all the sleep I'm getting now.

In less than 3 hours I have to wake up Daddy so he can fly to Boston to participate in Tech-Ed (what I refer to as "The Geek Convention.") He'll get to spend 6 days talking about programming with people who actually understand him! That almost never happens at home. Wonder what I should ask him to bring back--besides the usual bag full of freebie pens with computer-company logos and the occasional T-shirt. One year it was in New Orleans and he got me some Cafe du Monde coffee. But Boston--hmmm....baked beans don't travel well and neither does clam chowder.

I had a Father's Day gift all wrapped ready to give my dad, but I forgot, while he was here. Sorry, Dad. You'll just have to wait. And it's a Really Cool Gift, too!

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