Thursday, June 22, 2006


My neighbor has a landscaper. These guys are pros. They come in with their 3 giant mowers, miscellaneous blowers, weed wackers and other noisy power equipment before 8 AM. (These are not big yards, so 3 giant mowers seems a bit excessive.)

We have Big Brother. He doesn't willingly get up that early anyway, and he is not yet cleared by Daddy to use the weed wacker or edger. He just mows.

He's not a pro. A lot of times he misses spots, he forgets to sweep the sidewalk after he's done, and the edge by the fence is always a mess.

Last week I was ranting and raving because my neighbor's landscaper was using noisy power equipment before 8 AM. I know they work in the heat and want to be done early. But it's kind of early to be that noisy.

Today I'm not going to complain, because just now when I was at the kitchen sink filling the coffeepot, I noticed that the neighbor's landscaper had hopped the fence and was edging along the fence in our yard.

Middle Sister was wondering how he got in the yard. I said, "I guess he climbed the fence. Kind of dangerous with a weed wacker, though!"

Middle Sister answered, "He did climb the fence! He just went back. He turned off the weed wacker first."

That's a good thing. Wouldn't want him to hurt himself, especially since he was doing Big Brother a BIG favor.

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