Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I Like Wednesdays

...because it means I get to stock up on great tips from the Works for Me Wednesday crew.

Tune in tomorrow for mine. When I think of one.

But I wanted to link to The Most Super Tip that I happened upon last week: the Dinner Dice.

Basically you use a cube (cardboard, wood, whatever) and write a chore on each side. Mine read:
Say Grace
Set Table
Wipe Table
Fridge Filler (put away butter, grated cheese, whatever!)
Dish Helper
Floor Sweeper

All of these chores can in some way be done by my children at the ages they are. Of course, Little Brother needs more help in some departments, but he's very good at helping out. And I think it's good for the kids to learn that the butter does not magically leave the table, jump to the kitchen and hide itself in the butter compartment of the fridge when they are not looking.

So, before dinner they all get to roll the dice. Tonight Little Brother got Daddy to roll the dice too. Guess what! Daddy got "Dish Helper!" Was I lucky or what?!

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