Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Works-for-Me Wednesday: Bread Box

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I don't own a breadbox. And with a 10X11 kitchen that contains a table for 4 (obviously we don't eat our meals there anymore) plus the usual cabinets and appliances, I don't have space for a breadbox.

What I do own is a Nesco roaster. OK, I own several, but only one big enoug for this job. It's so big that the only place I can store it is on top of the dry sink in my dining room--but it looks kind of "retro" so I can go with it. When I'm not using it as a mini-oven or very large soup tureen, I have a black wire basket inside it, full of bread, English muffins, and burger buns. When I need to use the roaster it's easy to just take out the basket of bread and relocate it for a short while. The bread stays just as fresh as it would in a breadbox, I'm using what would otherwise be "dead space" and I don't lose my precious countertop inches.

Works for me!

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