Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Works-For-Me Wednesday: Onions

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I'm a Complete And Total Wimp when it comes to chopping onions. I cook with them at least three times a week, but it's always been a struggle to chop them. I wind up in tears and unable to see the onions or the knife--never a good thing.

Last week in preparation for our very large party, I had about 7 pounds of onions to slice, dice and chop for various dishes. I looked around on the Web for some ideas on "no-more-tears" onion slicing.

I couldn't envision myself managing to slice onions underwater (one suggestion) but I did find a tip I could use: Wear swim goggles when slicing onions.

I'm a glasses wearer, but I found I could see well enough to use the knife. Certainly I could see better than when tears are running out of my eyes and pooling up behind my glasses.

It looked pretty weird, but wearing swim goggles when slicing onions works for me!

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