Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Works-for-Me Wednesday: Waiting Games

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In the past week I've had to take my kids on several errands that involve Waiting (haircuts, doctor apppointments, oil change for the Momobile). Since the Big Kids can read, they're pretty good about waiting for reasonable spans of time. But Little Brother is only 4 and he can get itchy pretty fast.

So, without further ado, here are SFO Mom's Top Three Waiting Games:
1. "I Spy" is a hit with all ages and can be played anywhere.
2. "I Spy in a Magazine" can keep Little Brother busy for quite a while. I like to use a parenting magazine for this, since there are plenty of pictures of animals, toys, children, food and cars in those. Then I sit there with Little Brother and ask him to find the fish, or the soccer ball, or the red car.
3. At a doctor's office, bring a small pack of crayons. My pediatricians don't mind when the kids draw on the paper on the examining table. It's put in the trash after we leave the room anyway. BONUS: it gives the pediatrician something to chat with the child about during the examination.

I hope these Waiting Games work for you--they work for me!

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