Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Prayers for the Crazy Bikers

I am freaking out over these flood reports I've watched on the news, and now I'm glued to the Web with my giant RandMcNally map in my lap.

Tomorrow my dad's bike route takes him across a portion of the Susquehanna River that is expected to be about 4 feet above flood stage by late afternoon tomorrow. I just called my mom so that she can let him know when he calls her tonight, that I'm willing to drive to "wherever" in Pennsylvania and get him and his crazy friends to someplace dry where they can bike. I've got a map and a full tank of gas, and I don't mind using them. There's a good chance he won't be able to cross the Delaware on Friday if they don't reopen the Frenchtown bridge (it's closed now).

Patron Saints of Travelers include St. Anthony of Padua, St. Joseph, St. Nicholas, and the Archangel Raphael. Please pray for a safe trip for them, and that they don't let their pride get in the way of their safety.

UPDATE: So far so good on Thursday. They crossed the Susquehanna with no problem and reached their expected destination for tonight. There's still a good shot that the Delaware River bridge he wanted to cross will be closed--but it's a short (1 hour) drive for me if they need a ride tomorrow. Thank you very much....I'm breathing a BIG sigh of relief.

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