Saturday, June 24, 2006

Book Bleg

I found out today that Big Brother has a Summer Reading List for 3 classes: English (which I expected), History and Religion. The last one is quite problematic for me. Not that he has to read something, but what he has to read.

For Religion, all freshmen are expected to read do a basic book report (characters, setting, conflict, resolution) on the novel Joshua by Joseph Girzone. (The other books he has to read are Agatha Christie novels and The Hound of the Baskervilles--no problems there).

My husband and I are more than a little concerned about the fact that a Catholic high school is requiring this novel, which, if I remember correctly (and I just started rereading it to make sure I have my opinions straight here) makes out Church authorities to be overly concerned with rules and laws, and basically puts down the need for rules altogether.

Maybe I should purchase Big Brother a copy of The Screwtape Letters when I buy those other books on his reading list, just to balance out this one.

If anyone has any good information I can use when discussing this book with my child--and whether or not I should make an issue of it with the school--I'd appreciate it. My inclination right now is to see what they do with it. It may be that the book is read, assignment done, and the teacher never talks about it again. And then again...

I will be paying attention, make no mistake about it.

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