Thursday, June 22, 2006


Middle Sister just wandered over to show off her "manicure." (She's enjoying the reprieve from the no-nail-polish-per-the-school-dress-code rule).

She didn't do a bad job, but you could use those nails to land planes, the color is so bright. I will have to speak to my cousin, who donated the nail polish to Middle Sister's cause.

Middle Sister: "Like my naaaaaaaails?"

Me: "You did a nice job on the polish. It's not my favorite color, though."

MS: "Why not?"

Me: "It's too bright. I like colors a little paler on nails."

MS, as she sweeps out of the room as only a 10-year-old in a robe can: "I like it. It makes me stand OUT."

That's the big difference between me and my daughter. She loves to stand out. She's not shy. She likes to be noticed. (With nails like hers, there's little chance she won't get noticed.)

My challenge is to make sure that she stands out for the right reasons.

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