Friday, June 09, 2006

Another APB

Little Brother has been playing "Hide from Mommy" today. He thinks it's funny. I do not. After the first episode this morning, he received his first lecture about "answer me when I call you."

Just as Big Brother finished mowing the lawn, I noticed that the sound of Little Brother's chatter was not part of the background noise. Middle Sister was watching TV, and we both started looking for Little Brother. She checked outside; I checked all the rooms of the house. She was dialing the phone to ask the neighbors if he'd left the building without "checking out" and gone to visit their puppy when I found him. Under a very heavy afghan, with a contraband Game Boy.

Video games are reserved for after dinner around here. But Little Brother's privileges have been suspended until further notice. I'm in the kitchen chopping vegetables, so I assigned Middle Sister to take Little Brother outside to play, and keep an eye on him.

So she started a game of Hide and Seek.

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