Saturday, July 21, 2007


It's going to be a loooooooooooooong day.

Not for me--I went to bed at a slightly-later-than-reasonable hour.

But Middle Sister had two friends sleep over last night, and they Never Went to Sleep.

As best I can tell, they spent the night eating pizza, watching movies, eating cookies, watching movies, eating potato chips, watching movies, and spilling iced tea. Or maybe it was Cherry Coke.

At least they wiped up whatever it was they spilled. (Did you know that when you wipe up tea with a brand-new white kitchen towel, and don't wash it out right away, that towel will never be white again? Apparently these girls do not know this, and they want me to have tan kitchen towels. Their decorating decision--not mine.)

When I came downstairs half an hour ago and found them all still up, they headed upstairs to Middle Sister's room where the Giant Air Mattress (that TheDad uses at camp) awaited them. Fueled by all those Oreos and whatever Cherry Coke they didn't spill, they're not ready to sleep. They are bouncing off the walls in there. They are LOUD.

I took it upon myself to go deliver the Threat that Usually Makes Tween Girls Shut Right Up: "If you wake up Little Brother, he is all yours. I will send him in here and tell him that you want to play with him. I will not rescue you from Little Brother and I will not let you sneak away from him. Got it? Do not wake up Little Brother unless you want him in your faces for the rest of the day."

I guess they want Little Brother in there, because they are still loud, still bouncing around on TheDad's air mattress, and there are frequent thumps as someone hits the floor. I'm amazed that he's sleeping through this.

My friend SFO Girl (whom you may know from the comments box) has four teen daughters. She never calls these events "sleepovers." Her word is "awake-overs." And Middle Sister has just shown me why.

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