Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Halfway to Whole Again

Boy, it's been quiet around here.

Not only are Big Brother and TheDad in beautiful, scenic Roanoke, Virginia enjoying all the fun Boy Scout Camp (by day) and Dungeons & Dragons (by night) have to offer...

But Middle Sister has spent the past day and a half with her friend's family, at the beach.

She just called to tell me they're getting ready to leave and that she is coming home with a "complimentary sunburn."

Since 1:00 yesterday it's been me and Little Brother. He's had his chance to be an Only Child for a day. And while he misses everyone, I do think he has enjoyed his chance to monopolize my attention. We invested in a new board game (Scrabble Junior--I can't believe we never had this game with either of the Big Kids!) and we've enjoyed playing together. We've gone to his swim lessons and to the pool in the afternoon. I've gotten a few "house projects" done, as I always do when TheDad is gone. (It's like a sickness. I have to move furniture every time he goes away on a trip. He's very amused by this and has come to expect it by now).

Tonight I asked him to pick up the Army Guys that were littering the family room floor. He told me he had them all "set up" and didn't want to take them down. So I offered to put away the "too-old-for-lead-paint-recalls" Thomas trains and let him set up on the train table, so he could have his ongoing battle. He was very worried that I would be upset about taking down a train track I had designed and built before Michelle visited, but I told him I could make a new track whenever he wanted.

"You're my buddy, Mom!" came with a big hug at that point.

Tomorrow morning the week is half over. When Little Brother wakes up he will find that his sister is home, sunburn and all. And we'll erase the "4" on the white board and write a big number "3"--for the days we have to wait until our family is all together again, at home. It can't come soon enough for me.

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