Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter and Cranky Teenagers

Big Brother was up early yesterday for cross-country practice, and was up late last night, waiting with his friends for his copy of the last Harry Potter novel.

He's cranky today, as evidenced by the following:

BB: "It's hot in here."

Me: "It's a beautiful day with a great breeze. It's not hot at all!" (in fact, I'm wearing jeans, and he's got shorts on, and we're in the same room reading, and he's the only uncomfortable one).

BB: "It's hot."

Me: "Perhaps if you took your shower you'd cool off a little."

BB: "I'm reading a book."

Me: "Does that mean you won't be taking a shower until you finish Harry Potter?" (EWWWWW!)

At this point he tried to stun me with the Teenage Glare of Death, but fortunately my own Mother Glare--the "You've gone too far this time, buddy" look--triumphed.

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