Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It's Still A Grand Old Flag

Yesterday I looked out the front window and saw that next to each driveway in my neighborhood, a small plastic flag had been planted in the ground.

I thought that was pretty cool. Then, after I sent Big Brother out to mow the lawn, he came back in with the flag (he's a good Boy Scout, and didn't want to run it over with the mower or leave it in the driveway).

Attached to the stick holding the flag was a business card for a local company. But the kicker was the logo on the edge of the flag:


I still made him put it back after he finished the lawn. Little Brother can have it to play "parade" tomorrow (I know he's going to want to!)

But today is the Fourth of July. We display a real flag on our front door, and we will spend time today with friends who are immigrants to (and now, citizens of) our country. They're happy and grateful to be here. And they remind me that what we have here in the USA is a very precious thing indeed, not without cost, and not to be taken for granted.

H/T to Dan at faithmouse for this toon that expresses just how I feel about this holiday.

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