Wednesday, July 04, 2007

So Much Fun...So Little Time

And now, so little energy!

We packed a lot into our Independence Day celebration. Good thing we didn't have any plans to see fireworks, because we've got the kind nature provides in the form of thunder and lightning. But most of that held off until we were back home.

Our day started early this morning with Big Brother running in a local 5K race (he didn't place, but did bring in a personal record time of under 23 minutes!) After the race we watched a parade that has been a tradition for 110 years. It was more than an hour long and included 8 different bands, fire trucks from 5 towns, many antique cars, and more.

How about these costumes? My favorite part of parades around here ALWAYS has to be the Mummers.

Following the parade we enjoyed good company and great homemade Chinese food at our friends' home. Later we picked up Big Brother's friend and headed off to see some other friends for a picnic, swim and pick-up soccer game among the kids.

We made it an early night since we had all pretty much hit "Zombie State" by the time dinner was over. I finished that diabolical jigsaw puzzle (HA! Now I can put it away!)

Tomorrow, a big day of laundry awaits as I have to get clothes ready for Boy Scout Camp (trunks are due tomorrow night! Yikes!)

Happy 4th!

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