Friday, July 06, 2007

A Letter to My Daughter on the Feast of St. Maria Goretti

Dear Middle Sister,

Today, July 6, is the feast of St. Maria Goretti. She is the patron saint of young women, and she died when she was only a little older than you. But she did not die of an illness or in an accident. She was murdered, because she would not give in to a man who tried to rape her. He tried to take away her purity, and once that is gone, it cannot be gotten back. When she fought him, he stabbed her. But in the hospital, while she was dying, she forgave him.

You are growing up in a world where it is very easy for a girl's innocence and purity to be taken away from her. Little by little our world robs girls like you of the chance to stay innocent. TV commercials and programs, movies, music and music videos, and fashion all seek to make grown-up behavior by young girls appear "normal" and to make little girls appear "sexy."

This is why we don't let you buy and wear certain types of clothes. This is why we tell you to be careful when you use the computer. This is why we don't like some of the music your friends like to listen to with you. This is why we won't let you watch some movies. This is why we're not the "cool" parents you sometimes wish you had! It's our job to keep you safe from all the people and all the forces that prey on beautiful young girls like you. I don't want to scare you, but I worry about what could happen to you.


Prayer to St. Maria Goretti:
Oh Saint Maria Goretti who, strengthened by God's grace, did not hesitate even at the age of twelve to shed your blood and sacrifice life itself to defend your virginal purity, look graciously on the unhappy human race which has strayed far from the path of eternal salvation. Teach us all, and especially youth,with what courage and promptitude we should flee for the love of Jesus anything that could offend Him or stain our souls with sin. Obtain for us from our Lord victory in temptation, comfort in the sorrows of life, and the grace which we earnestly beg of thee, and may we one day enjoy with thee the imperishable glory of Heaven. Amen.

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