Saturday, July 28, 2007

Jersey Girl Bloggers

Esther started compiling a list of the bloggers she knows who are in New Jersey.

I have a few to add:

1. Amy from R.C. Mommy, who grew up in Philly but now lives in North Jersey.

2. Ellen From Across the Net, who grew up in Pennsylvania but married a North Jersey guy and settled in South Jersey.

3. Christine M. of The Simple and the Ordinary who lives near my husband's "old stomping ground." Hey Christine, have you ever eaten at the Reo Diner? I miss that place.

4. One of my very first blog readers, Jill of Jill's Write Stuff, who's up in North Jersey.

Those with New Jersey roots who've moved on to other states:

5. Chris of Ramblings of a Catholic Soccer Mom and Domestic Vocation.

6. Esther, the Hawaii Catholic Mom, who got this whole ball rolling!

7. Michelle from Rosetta Stone, who will always be a Jersey Girl considering she learned to drive here!

I had to illustrate this with the picture of my favorite waterfall. Every time I see this, it makes me remember home. Yes, I'm still in the state but I'm 100 miles from Paterson now, and I rarely get to see the falls that we'd pass on our way to and from my grandmother's. Thanks, Esther, for the photo!

The only time I ever lived out of state was when I was in college (Scranton, PA) and grad school (South Bend, IN). And the only thing I ever missed was closeness to family. For that matter, I miss it now. But I love it here in South Jersey, where things are a little slower paced, a little less congested. I don't think I could survive it if I had to drive Turnpike Exit 12 to 10, then 287 north to Piscataway, each and every morning-rush hour, anymore. I'm amazed I'm still alive to tell the tale.

New Jersey is the Rodney Dangerfield of states. It gets no respect and deserves plenty.

And in the great New Jersey tradition, out of the 3 of these bloggers I've met, two were at diners!

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