Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Flying Frogs

We recently replaced the "Blues Clues" tub mat that had definitely seen better days. Little Brother picked out a set of 6 frogs that you can stand on in the tub, instead of a mat. He likes to move them around during his bath.

Big Brother thought that the bug-eyes on the frogs were pretty creepy and has been making jokes about that all week.

Last night as Little Brother was having his bath, Middle Sister came into the bathroom to "help him play with his tub toys." (She winds up washing his hair, too, so all I have to do is be around to supervise!) Pretty soon both kids were flinging the frogs all around the tub walls, and she was sticking them to the ceiling above the tub as well. I was listening to them plot: "Won't Big Brother be surprised in the morning when he comes in here to take his shower!" Many giggles later, the frogs were all strategically placed around the tub and the bath was finished.

Sure enough, Big Brother was surprised in the morning! He thought it was very funny--and when I came into the bathroom a little while ago I discovered that he had rearranged the frogs again.

I don't think those frogs will see the bottom of the tub for a long time, but the kids are having great fun with them!

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