Thursday, March 09, 2006

Noodles on My Seat

Tonight's dinner was homemade lo mein. All the kids and I like to use chopsticks to eat ours--even Little Brother has to give it a shot.

It's all work and no eat when Little Brother uses chopsticks. Every three minutes he might get a single noodle into his mouth.

Then he observed, "There's noodles on my seat."

Me: "Well, take them off your seat."

Little Brother: "And throw them on the floor?"


Matthew said...

Hi, Barb.

For my new blog I am beginning to look at each state's pro-life laws. However, this is proving to be an in-depth and complicated project. So many states pass laws which are fought in court, and it's hard to find out exactly what the law at the moment is.

Could you please let me know about your state's pro-life laws if you are aware of them? This would make my researching so much easier.

God Bless

Amy Giglio said...

Barb, I had to laugh out loud. This reminds me of conversations I've had at home. Mine would probably start with: "What made you think sweeping the noodles onto the floor was a good idea?"

NJ"s pro-life laws are nearly non-existent. NJ is second in liberalism only to MA. There are no parental notification laws and all abortion laws are among the most liberal in the US. Whatever applies in MA probably applies here too. Hope that Helps.

Matthew said...


Yes that helps. I hope that New Jersey eventually begins passing pro-life laws. We can only pray.

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Moneybags, we are praying HARD on that score. Unfortunately the prolife politicians in this state are few & far between, no matter what their party.