Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Very Special Intention

I don't post prayer requests much but this one is really on my heart today.

Father T is a longtime family friend, having grown up with my mother and her siblings. I was in 8th grade, I think, when he was ordained and I was privileged to attend that special event. After I finished my education, he was my first boss: the principal of a Catholic prep high school. Teenagers see right through hypocrisy, and they certainly saw plenty in that setting, but Father T was a wonderful example of faith in action for them--and they knew it. He has a great sense of humor and knows how to tell a story. That quality certainly came in handy when he was a principal, and at school assemblies we'd hear about what to do, or not do, based on the fictional example of "Mary Lasagna." (Yes, he's Italian, and he loves food.)

Father T concelebrated my wedding as well as both my siblings'. He also comforted our family with his presence at my grandmother's funeral. Back to the food thing--at the repast after the funeral he was giving me cooking tips on how to make Greek chicken.

Unfortunately he has not been able to enjoy food for the past several years, as his stomach cancer has progressed. Due to his poor health he has had to retire from full-time ministry but he does priestly work whenever he can. Recently, Father T's health has worsened further, and today he will undergo exploratory surgery. In his weakened condition this surgery is quite risky. He will spend several days in Intensive Care following the operation.

My prayers will be with Father T today and throughout his recuperation. I ask for the strength of your prayers as well.


Jean Heimann said...


I am uniting my prayers with yours.

Pax et bonum,

Barb Szyszkiewicz said...

Thank you, Jean.
Father T is one of the Good Guys. I hate to see him suffering when I think of how energetic and funny and full of life he had always been.

ukok said...

Praying for Fr. T. May God be merciful to him and continue to give him the grace to endure this ordeal with humility.

God Bless.