Thursday, March 23, 2006

Prayers Work

I want to thank you for your prayers for Father T! I know you know that prayers work, and I received an email this morning that he is gaining weight, using a feeding tube but also eating food, and is preparing to meet with his oncologist to plan future treatment. He still has plenty of fight left.

While you're at prayers, here are some other bloggers' intentions you might want to keep in mind:
Danielle's son

Amy's sister-in-law and her "in-too-big-a-hurry-to-be-born" twins; as well as a healthy rest-of-the-pregnancy for Amy

Darren's special intention

For Little Nicholas and his grieving family

For Ron, who is seeking employment, and all others in the same situation

For Moneybags, who is beginning the road to the priesthood, that his time of discernment and eventual formation and ministry will be blessed

For ukok's and Jean's and Julie's intentions...

Lord, hear our prayer.

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