Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hitler had a big nose

Middle Sister is working on her Biography Oral Report assignment. Her topic is Anne Frank. As part of the report she will have to appear in costume and deliver the report as if it were an autobiography.

She is sitting at the table with her two books and her index cards. I think she's spending more time looking at the pictures than reading the text, though, because she just observed, "Hitler had a big nose."

Me: "I don't think that's an important fact for your report."

Middle Sister: "But he did! Just look at this! And that tiny's just freaky!" She displays a book with a full-page photo of a Fuhrer in full rant.

At this point I am pitying the teacher who will have to listen to this report with a straight face. This speech is supposed to be extemporaneous, and that's Not Necessarily A Good Thing when I consider the "facts" Middle Sister might want to include.

Me: "I know what he looked like...."

Middle Sister: "Why? Were you alive then?"

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