Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Friendship, Kindergarten-Style

There's a really sweet little boy in kindergarten at the Big Kids' school. He never sits still, but he is always smiling. Every day he explodes into the lunchroom as if he were shot out of a cannon, and crashes into the Lunch Ladies or Lunch Moms or School Secretary with a giant hug.

He doesn't know my name, but I get a hug nearly every day I'm there. And he is always happy when Little Brother comes to the lunchroom, because he likes to play football with Little Brother at recess.

We have a snack table at lunch where children may purchase snack items like chips, pretzel sticks, fruit snacks, Little Debbies or ice cream bars. Sometimes this little guy has snack money. He comes up to the table, inspects everything and usually buys nothing. Then at the last second he comes back and gets a few pretzel sticks.

Yesterday was no exception--but I saw what happened when he got back to the table with his four pretzels. He handed three to other kids at the table and kept one for himself. Then another classmate said, "Can I have a pretzel?"

He carefully broke his own pretzel in half and shared it with her, with a smile on his face. This boy has more than enough love to go around, and he makes sure he has enough pretzels too.

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Steve said...

I sure hope his parents know what a wonderful gift he is!! With the events in my life recently, it does my heart good to read something like that.