Monday, March 06, 2006

Overcome with Gratitude

This morning when we went to the school lunchroom for our twice-weekly volunteer shift, Little Brother was surprised with gifts from the Lunch Ladies and both School Secretaries. These women have been truly wonderful to him from the very beginning. I've been working on a thank you to them, and I wanted to post it here as well, because it tells how much they have meant to me and my little guy.

Words just fail me when I try to express how generous and loving you have been with Little Brother.

You may or may not know that he considers all of you his “teachers.” You are aware, I know, that he calls St. Peter’s “his school” and I hope you know that you are the reason why.

In the time that he and I have spent in the lunchroom you have made him feel so welcome and comfortable here. He knows that when he comes to St. Peter’s he will encounter your smiling faces, kind hearts and, yes, a lollipop jar.

He looks forward to races after recess, helping with trash cans, carrying a lunch tray and eating with his brother and sister. He enjoys playing “7 Up” and other rainy-day games, helping count things, sneaking into the kindergarten class and visiting with all the students. I know that a preschooler can get in the way of things and you have never been anything but patient with him at those times.

You have shown Little Brother and me the best of what a Catholic school community is all about. We appreciate all your kindness and know that we are truly blessed to have all of you in our school and in our lives.

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Jennifer said...

That is so great that they have welcomed him.
Sounds like it's a great school.