Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Breast Cancer-Birth Control Link

Moneybags has a link to the Mayo Clinic journal article that clearly finds a link between the use of the birth control pill and breast cancer.

Last week in the newspaper (either the Wall Street Journal or the local rag) I read a feature article about the marketing behind the "Cure Breast Cancer" movement. All those pink ribbons generate a lot of money. Some of that money goes to foundations that in turn give money to Planned Parenthood. (Yeah, I know, I could have chosen a way better link here, but most of the results from the search engine couldn't be displayed on my browser because of my VERY aggressive antivirus. The "sex" filter removes just about anything referring to Planned Parenthood.)

Why would a breast-cancer-research foundation fund an organization that pushes pills that can cause breast cancer, and abortion that can lead to the same disease?

Oh yeah, and the article in the paper also mentioned that there's such attention to breast cancer because unlike heart disease and diabetes, it's not your fault if you get it. That thoroughly contradicts the research that indicates that certain "lifestyle choices" including abortion, use of the birth-control pill, and even delayed childbearing can increase a woman's likelihood of developing breast cancer.

I am very grateful to the researchers who made the medical advances possible so that my mother-in-law has survived her bout with breast cancer, going on 6 years ago. It's not that I'm against breast-cancer research. But I don't think it's productive to funnel money into organizations that ultimately promote some of the very things that are correlated with the risk of developing the disease.

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