Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ironic, isn't it?

I spent part of Saturday morning praying a Rosary outside a local abortion clinic with some other SFOs. Just like the last time, right in the middle of the Third Joyful Mystery (the Nativity), the cars started rolling into the parking lot. It was a busy day at the clinic. And that's heartbreaking.

At Mass, which we attended before heading over to the clinic, Father H. mentioned that Pope Benedict has taught that it is a great sin against the Holy Spirit to call something "right" when it is truly wrong, and to call something "wrong" that is right. He also mentioned that the abortion industry is guilty of this very sin. I don't know if he knew where we were going after church, but he certainly did strengthen our resolve.

That evening I received word that one of our fraternity members has a newborn granddaughter! Little Brenna was born this afternoon. Prayers are needed for her, as she is in the NICU with breathing trouble.

I can't help but think of the contrast here: in the morning, so many babies (at least 5 while we were there) thrown away like garbage. In the afternoon, a little one, a wanted and welcomed little one, fights to breathe and survive. Other friends of mine who grieve over their infertility, or their inability to have more children, or the years of red tape before they can adopt children whom they know they can love and teach and raise as their own.

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