Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Collision Course

Today in my car there was a terrible crash.

The lone casualty: My coupon box (a 5X6X8 tub with removable lid), full of coupons, which separated itself from its lid and fell UPSIDE DOWN onto my open coffee cup just as I was about to exit the car with it in my hand. I flipped over the box, and coffee poured into the coupons that fell back in. The other half of the coupons were on the floor of the car.

It appears that they all are salvageable, though damp. They'll have to be re-sorted before I dare enter a supermarket again. But there are worse things they could smell like, I guess. I just have to find a spare 2 hours to deal with the wreckage. I will not just toss the whole thing and start over. Those things save me upwards of $30 a week, which is not small potatoes.

Anyone for a coupon-sorting-and-drying party? I'll provide the coffee...um, maybe not....

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