Friday, October 13, 2006

Halloween Frustrations

Since Halloween is less than 3 weeks away, my children are engrossed in choosing the perfect costume to wear while they beg chocolate from the neighbors.

For Little Brother, the choice was easy. He, being 4, needs something that includes a weapon. He decided to be a pirate. I'm happy because the only thing I need to purchase to complete that outfit is an eye patch--the rest can be put together from things we already have in the house!

Big Brother is thinking hard. He wants to come up with something very clever and original.

And Middle Sister is in the middle of a big fight with me and my husband, since just about anything marketed to 10-year-old girls is better suited for turning tricks than for trick-or-treat.

Suggestions for non-slutty, non-Goth costumes for Middle Sister, or for sources for such costumes, would be MUCH appreciated!

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